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Drones are of great interest and have gained significant popularity in a very short span amongst various industries and stake holders. UAV Systems Private Limited is proud to associate with world’s leading drone manufactures and service providers across the globe to facilitate to the growing demand in India.


Drone are easily available in local market in few hundred dollars, every innovation has its own disadvantage fallen into wrong hands, drones are cheap, customizable and vulnerable. There have been multiple assignation attempts using drones and could be serious threat to safety and privacy of general public. In order to tackle such unfortunate events UAV systems have partnered with leading Anti-Drone manufacturer DeDrone through its channel partner Drone Impact – UK. We look forward to provide secured and controlled air space in India.

Air Space Drone – UAV Systems is proud to partner with Air Space Drone – France for Low Altitude Drone Traffic Management solutions.


Drone are playing major role in service industry offering simplified innovative solutions to various industries.

  • Telecom & Communications
  • Renewable & Sustainable Energy
  • Mining & Construction
  • Wildlife & Forest Depts
  • Fire & Safety
  • Oil & Gas
  • Agriculture & Farming
  • Healthcare – Blood Delivery & Organ Delivery


UAV Systems has dedicated training facility for the skill development of youth and making them future ready. Drone has to offer promising future and career in terms of Drone Repairing and Service Platform, Commercial Drone Piloting & Drone Customization and Built from scratch as per industry requirement. We train youth on all above in collaboration with multiple knowledge partners across India and other part of the world.


Every business need is different and with growing demand and popularity, drone can be confusing. UAV Systems understand the need of the hour and have expert panels across the world to guide any business in the right direction. We offer customized solutions and provide consultancy on Drone based services or business.


UAV Systems intends to offer on demand drone insurance program to Indian Drone Users in association with FLY SAFE GO. (know more) add website of fly safe go.

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